Anthony Moustacalis

Barrister & Solicitor

Anthony has practiced advocacy for over 35 years in criminal law and general litigation. While he has not turned down criminal cases and appeals, his passion for advocacy has extended into regulatory advocacy before Law Society and other tribunals such as the Alcohol and Gaming Commission, and the Licence Appeal Tribunal, as well as in the civil litigation sphere. Anthony has found that appearing before other courts and tribunals has enhanced his ability to serve clients in all spheres –  especially in white collar defence of corporate fraud, tax, serious provincial offences, and related matters. He is also brought in by other counsel to argue motions, civil appeals on occasion and judicial reviews. He works well with other litigation firms and counsel.

Anthony is proud to have been twice elected to serve as the President of the Criminal Lawyers’ Association (CLA), after serving as the organization’s Treasurer and before that as a Toronto Director. In his capacity as President, he engaged provincial and federal governments in policy and justice reform issues, he supervised our Board’s interventions before the Supreme Court of Canada and the Court of Appeal, and he worked on many committees including the Chief Justice of the Ontario Court’s modernization initiative. He also presented at the CLA’s annual conference, as well as at many other conferences including the Ontario Bar Association’s annual institute on criminal law.

Anthony is a Board member of The Advocates’ Society, was the President of the Criminal Lawyers’ Association 2013-2017 and has litigated appeals and trials since 1984. He has conducted 1000s of trials, over a 100 appeals and enjoys complex legal issues and advancing public policy related to access to justice and AI and the courts.

His approach is to provide private advocacy on client matters, avoiding publicity where possible. However, he has experience in dealing with the media, and can assist should the need arise in cases where publicity is unavoidable or necessary.