Anthony was pleased to be invited to make (oral) submissions to the Miscarriages of Justice Commission consultation in November of 2021. He supports the creation of a committee to review wrongful convictions and an amendment to the Criminal Code to give the Court of Appeal the power to review convictions that are unsafe. The current Criminal Code which requires a conviction to be unreasonable has not been enough to prevent wrongful convictions. Anthony is watching for these changes to add force to his arguments for his clients who are appealing their convictions.

The Miscarriages of Justice Commission

A report on the creation of an independent commission to consider wrongful conviction applications from the Hon. Harry LaForme and the Hon. Juanita Westmoreland-Traoré

The report was submitted in November 2021.

Consultations were held from June to September 2021 with interested stakeholders, as well as representatives of criminal case review commissions abroad. Consultations focused on the creation of an independent commission in Canada to consider miscarriage of justice applications. The report summarizes the input received during the consultations on various reform options and provides recommendations on the path forward.

More about this report on the Government of Canada website